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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

So, I have been thinking on what would go good on a phone... instead of thinking of it as what would help a phone out (which I have been trying to think of an application for), I instead switched my views to what application would someone would enjoy being close at all times. Using this view point, I find thinking up applications much easier, and I have thought up a very general idea for what I may try, assuming I can get a test program to connect to websites. What I am thinking of involves using data from websites, and as such, I will need to work though the legal web to find out which websites I could use the data from, if any.

On a side note, I have also been thinking of programming a stock market simulation in XNA. So far all I am sure of is a server would run the main application constantly which clients (probably lacking something deserving of being called a GUI)would connect and that the clients interface would make it easy to connect artificial players to. One thing I'm not sure of is should I have 26**2 or 26**3 different stocks. I think the second option would be overwhelming to a user, but then again, that makes it all the better simulation. I think this would be a good experience with XNA and C#, but I'm not sure how well XNA handles client server applications of this style. Then again, I'm not knowledgeable on running a client/server model where both the client and server run simulation loops...

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